KESS V2 K-Suite 2.33 Free Download and Installation Guide

Latest KESS V2 K-Suite 2.33 software free download link and K-Suite 2.33 Windows XP installation guide is here!
Ksuite 2.33 is tested OK to work with KESS V2 clone!

Free download KESS V2 K-Suite 2.33:

Ksuite 2.33 is tested working on below KESS V2 clone:

How to install KESS V2 Ksuite 2.33 on WIN XP?
Step1. Go to “Network Connections” and disconnect all your networks. (Right click to choose “Disable”)
Download, unzip and open Ksuite 2.33 file.
You can see a folder "K-suite 2.33", find folder "KSuite v2.25- v2.33".
Copy K-suite 2.33 setup file to desktop.

Step2. Open and run K-suite 2.33 setup file on desktop, it will automatically pop up a K-suite Setup Wizard.
Click "Next" and "Install" then "Yes".
Select language: US English.
Click "Next" and "Finish".

Step3. Delete K-suite 2.33 setup file on desktop.
Right click K-suite 2.33 shortcut and choose "Properties".
Click "Find Target" button and you can see the KSuite folder.
Delete the "Help" folder.
And go back to folder "K-suite 2.33" and copy this "Help" folder to replace the original "Help" folder.
Step4. After that you can see a pop-up Found New Hardware Wizard.
Click "Next" then "Finish".
Now you successfully install Ksuite 2.33 software!
The Ksuite 2.33 USB Device exist. (Right click My Computer and choose Manage, go to Device Manager to check it)
Ksuite 2.33 software is now available to work with KESS V2!